#9   Guys our age hear the songs and remember back to their first cars when they couldn't afford wheels but baby moons sure looked great, when eight tracks came out and then were replaced by cassettes. Man what could ever replace a cassette!

#5  The guy who comes in just to have a drink and watch some sports cannot help but tap his feet and smile when classic rock and roll songs are played.

#7  The children our generation had hear the songs and remember playing our old LPs, seeing the bands on TV,  going to a concert with their parents, and getting their first taste of the joys of rock and roll.

#8   Ladies our age hear the music and remember getting ready for first dates, proms, when their boyfriends came to pick them up and then hoping the radio would play 'their' song.

#2  And please read this with a big smile.  During 2024 our combined ages will be 288 - you can do the math - man how much time do we have left !!

top 9 reasons to hire Oakwood.

( Okay everybody does 10 but 9 is our lucky number! )

#1  We were blessed at such a very early age to find that one thing we love and were meant to do, along with finding brothers we would share the rock and roll journey with. Through the magic, the joy, the fire of music we want your event / occasion to bring to your attendees the joy of classic rock and roll and to help them either remember their first loves and the magic of those feelings again or to provide to them a new magic moment they will remember all their lives.

#6   The newest generation has heard classic rock sampled by RAP artists, HIP HOP artists, Led Zeppelin drumbeats have become the standard for drum sounds, Paul McCartney has worked with Kanye and Beyonce, Jagger and Steven Tyler sing with this generation. The list rolls on just like Classic Rock and Roll!

#3  The couple that comes in for date night and dinner cannot help but get up and dance when their favorite classic rock and roll songs are played. 

#4  The ladies that come in for a ladies night out cannot help but smile, and sing along when their favorite classic rock and roll songs are played.