July 20     Harbor Bar  Hager City , WI   2 - 6 PM  Classic Rock and Roll on the mighty  Mississippi River!

Jan - April 30   2024   Our Annual Oakwood Winter break, vacations, family time.

NOw booking for 2024 and Beyond


June   23   Harbor Bar  Hager City, WI  2 - 6 PM   Classic Rock and Roll on the beautiful Mississippi River

Sept 11, 21  - Private parties and dates locked.                           

Oct 1                            

December         On our Holiday Break. Everyone enjoy the holidays.l

July   1, 13, 21  -    Private Bookings and locked dates          

​​Oakwood is filling 2024 with

Classic Rock and Roll !!

August    2, 6, 10, 16   -   Private parties and dates locked.

November          Is waiting to Rock and Roll.

March `17  Private Booking 

​Our promo videos were shot at an afternoon soundcheck giving us the ability to quickly run through our songs. Our videos are now ready on YouTube!   Everybody please check them out and schedule us to add that something extra to your event!

June   13, 14, 20, 21, 30  - Private parties and locked dates..

August 11   Harbor Bar  Hager City , WI   2 - 6 PM  Classic Rock and Roll rocking the mighty  Mississippi River!

Your party, Your Event

Filled with Oakwood Classic Rock and Roll.