The Dweebs and especially Papa Dweeb. We have known,the one and only, Papa Dweeb all our lives. The Dweebs have let us use their studio, along with their superb audio and visual resources.  The Dweebs remind us that the energy, drive, and fun of Rock and Roll music will never stop.

Steve Knopp and Steve Koranda. Sadly these two original Red Wings boys are no longer with us. Their love of music, their drive, their friendship, and their memories are still with us today.

Oakwood wishes to thank.

John Milashius. John has become our photo editor, poster creator, and patient interpreter of Reg's ideas.

Forrest Watson. Forrest got us started all those decades ago. Forrest gave us loans for our first equipment, organized the business, sent mailings out, organized our first recordings and had to drive us to our first gigs ( we were way too young to drive ).  His business sense, kindness, and guidance have been a positive influence on each of us throughout our lives. We in the band hope that every young musician, athlete, scientist, etc. will be blessed to have a Forrest Watson in their lives.

Our families and friends. Without your patience, guidance, and attendance at our gigs we would be lost. A smiling face in the crowd is a gift that means so much to anyone that has ever performed on a stage.

​Jim Labine. Jim sings lead, sings harmony, and is our guitarist. Jim is the guy we ask to sound like: those guys from Liverpool, the East coast sound, the west coast sound, the guitarists from Texas, that Nashviille sound, that sound you know that is specific to just this song. Jim is not only a Vietnam Veteran but he actually did serve in Vietnam. The band is very proud of Jim for his service.

Meet The Band

Dave Watson. Dave sings lead, sings harmony, and plays keyboards. Dave was playing keys way before they made them out of ivory. Dave is the guy we ask to sound like the: London philharmonic, strings, brass, saxophone, ocarina, harmonica, flute, grand piano, jazz and honky tonk piano, and when he plays organ and the Leslie starts to whirl - man that sound just can't be beat. 

Al Axelson. Al sings lead, sings harmony and plays drums. Al's first set of drums were animal hides stretched over hollow logs. We believe he still has that first set. Al is the sound, the drive, the beat, the rest of the band bounces off. Al starts us off and propels us to the finish.

​​Reg Pelowski. Reg sings lead, sings harmony and plays bass guitar. Reg likes to think up arrangements and challenge us with this song does not have to end that way or what if we put these two songs together.  Reg is the 'evil mastermind' behind our website.

Don Taylor. Don is our sound guy. His younger muscles ( the PA and the rest of our equipment seems to be getting so much heavier ) and his patience with us and our sound is deeply appreciated.